My package was shipped to a previous/invalid address! What should I do?

Shipping confirmation emails are sent prior to actually shipping the boxes to their destinations. Please be sure to update us on any necessary changes ASAP.

If we haven't already handed your package over to the USPS or our shipping partner, then we will try our best to change the address.

If you have recently moved and have mail forwarding set up with your mail provider, then your box should be redirected to your new address as we ship via USPS.

If you did not have mail forwarding set up and you no longer have access to your previous address, please contact the USPS, but they have the right to charge a forwarding fee. We do not cover the cost of the forwarding fee.

If the box is returned to us by the USPS by YOUR ERROR, then we can either give you a refund minus the cost of shipping fee of $5.95, or we can ship your box again if you pay the shipping fee of $5.95 (for U.S. only).

For other countries, your refund would be less the cost of shipping selected at checkout (for shop orders) or the subscription box shipping fee (for subscription boxes). For a list of subscription box shipping fees, please visit our Subscription Box Shipping Fees page.

Please always make sure that your shipping address is always up-to-date in your user account. After you update your address online, please CONFIRM that the update has been submitted successfully. We are not responsible for any changes in shipping addresses that are not reflected in your online account.

Title and risk of loss for your merchandise will pass to you upon our delivery to the third-party carrier.

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