My credit card was declined. Will I still receive the box?

No, we do not ship boxes without successful payment and they are not reserved for you unless you email us regarding the issue.

If your renewal is ever unsuccessful, your subscription will enter a past due status. Once a subscription is past due, our system will automatically attempt to re-bill you every other day up to five attempts after the first failed attempt.

Depending on the cause of the decline, you may need to take action to resolve the issue (i.e., if the card has expired, then you will need to update the expiration date or provide another card). 

Please note that without a successful charge, you will not receive the current month's box. Our system will reattempt the charge every other day up to five times. After the final attempt, your subscription will be automatically cancelled to avoid continually attempting charges on your credit card.

If you would like to reactivate your subscription, please email us at

If your status is unpaid due to a declined credit card and the current month's boxes sell out, then you will be unable to receive the current month's box.

If a charge is successful AFTER the sold out date, then you will by default receive the next month's box and your re-bill date will occur after you receive that box.

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